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Fenêtre & barreaudage


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Chongqing garment industry has been carrying out why not? Modest head, stragglers, unable to kind a comprehensive industrial chain, has been a bottleneck in development. Chongqing Pen by power sector improvement model inspired apparel sector in Chongqing upgrades huh "vertical integration." December 3, Industrial Park, situated in Chongqing Banan District style maliu Industrial Park, is specifically noteworthy is the fact that the project is composed of 28 nearby garment enterprises to join hands to create the aim would be to overcome the shortcomings of people are weak, pushing attract upstream supporting enterprise and high-end design and style talent Lai Yu. In accordance with reports, the Chongqing Industrial Park covers an location of ​​1470 acres of fashion, to make a joint industrial park of 28 suppliers, have jointly setup a platform for the corporation earlier this year, is accountable for the fashion market in Chongqing park building and management. Tang, chairman of platform suppliers are just that style Chongqing Industrial Park using a total investment of three.five billion yuan, will likely be built inside the window of international fashion, style design and style Silicon Valley, eco green workshops, 4 important functional locations of modern day logistics park. By 2015, the park is completed, will attract about 180 garment enterprises and associated corporations settled, the annual output worth of about 60 billion yuan. "At present, Chongqing, even a production coin providers are certainly not, the way to grow and clothes sector?" Don have been only expressed in Chongqing garment enterprises modest size, it can not attract the upstream facilities, even though the garment factory was built in Chongqing, but like dyeing, embroidery along with other sectors are essential to the coast, buttons, zippers as well as other supplies are also to become introduced from elsewhere. Lack of upstream support, increasing the cost of the development from the garment business in Chongqing, Chongqing also offset the land, human resources, water and other basic aspects of production of electrical communication price benefit, producing it challenging Chongqing garment sector larger. Late final year, the annual meeting with the apparel sector in Chongqing, Chongqing pen various clothing boss gossip energy industry, on the subject of Chongqing by means of the introduction of HP, Foxconn, "leading", even though "vertical integration" a big number of supporting enterprises in Chongqing, a sudden burst of inspiration: garment sector may also be a "vertical integration"? did not HP, Foxconn such a "leader", it together to make a "leading"! So, there shall be some 28 providers jointly established a platform firm, teamed up to create the fashion sector in Chongqing For the garden. Author


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